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Hey. It’s Me.

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hey. It’s me, Crista.

Hey. It’s me, Crista. This blog is going great so far.

Okay, let me try again. Hey. It’s me, Crista. Damn.

Welcome to my acting blog where I intend to talk about acting, actors, story, the entertainment industry and some other stuff. How did this start, you might ask? Well, I sat down about a minute ago and decided to write a blog. You see, I’ve been helping actors for a long time now. I’m an actor, myself, and it feels like I’ve picked up a lot of information that I want to share with those working as professionals and those aspiring to work as a professional.

I think it’s cool that you want to be an actor. When a person has clarity and drive about something like this, I’m kind of in awe. It’s not something to ignore or take for granted. There are a lot of folks who would love to feel a calling to take action on something as cool as storytelling through the mediums of film and television. And for those of you already in it, I want to help you too. I want to help you love it and excel at it. I want to offer up some support so that you too can feel like a beginner filled with clarity and drive and wonder about what is possible for you.

I think I must sound pretty idealistic and a bunch of other things, but I’m gonna get on over judging myself too harshly here and I’m gonna get to work. Are you ready to get to work, too?



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